You can now experience our products in 3D!!

Wife despised the messy compilation of remotes and controllers laying around the house. I suggested little baskets the controllers could be tossed in, problem solved. But over time, any of the many said baskets became a catch all, akin to the kitchen junk drawer. Wife still wasn’t too thrilled so with a background in mechanical engineering and a knack for playing in CAD software, I attempted a cleaner more modern approach to the problem. This tinkering resulted in many of the products you see here at Geek Made Designs... and hey, Wife is happy.

Each product was cut in our garage, laser-etched (when requested) in our home office, and hand-finished at the kitchen table. Our solid wood listings can usually be offered in a high-end furniture grade plywood, poplar, or the ever so popular black walnut. Additional materials can be offered by request.