Such a tough question to answer in a nutshell! From the outside-in we are those pretty boring, doing who-knows-what, run-kids-around-all-day-and-night neighbors. But come on over and we'll quickly get off-the-chart giddy about technology and gaming. (Visit a little longer and our conversations will delve into travel, cycling, good food or home decor.) And after 20 years of marriage, we are just so thrilled to have found an outlet that allows so many of our passions to coexist.

Wife despised the messy compilation of electronics laying around the house and regularly pleaded (begged) for a solution. With a background in mechanical engineering and a knack for playing in CAD software, I attempted a cleaner ,more modern solution than the standard coffee-table basket. These attempts resulted in many of the products you see here at Geek Made Designs... and hey, wife is happy.

We travel the beautiful state of Oregon (and sometimes Washington) to locally source and personally select each piece of lumber. Most products are made from our favorite hardwoods: Maple (light), Oak (medium), and the ever-so-popular Black Walnut (which comes in a beautiful range of reddish to grayish dark brown shades).

At Geek Made Designs, 'Walnut' is an actual wood species - not a color. It's important for customers to know that the colors in photos are not stains and therefore the piece you order may vary in shade from what you see online. Our goal is to finish products in ways that let natural colors and movements shine. But what this means is that due to wood being, well, wood... not all pieces match. Not all colors match. A piece of walnut here and a piece of walnut there can be many shades removed from each other from red, to brown, to tan, to all of the above. So is the beauty of wood. But so can be the confusion for customers. Please send us questions about wood colors or species, we are always happy to chat.

Each product we cut, laser-etch, and hand-finish ourselves. We take a painstaking amount of time on each piece to make sure it's perfect for you. We don't want our customers just happy, we want them raving fans. We hope our passion for gaming and quality of product shines through from the moment you visit our store to the moment you receive your order.

Unique order? Absolutely! Be it a special design for your wedding groomsmen or wanting a logo'd gift for your team at Christmas - we do it all! Contact us now to start the conversation. We are always honored to be a part of your special story!

Releasing a new game or launching a new product? We love working with your team to design that special display for your next event. Contact us now to start the conversation.

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